I finally watched the Noah movie.  And like most movies that are based on a book or true story they got a lot of it wrong.  And as usual, the book is way better than the movie (read Genesis 6).  But I gotta admit, the movie did stir my heart as it dealt with the very reason creation (and this earth) exists.

At one point in the movie Noah went to find wives for his sons among the children of Cain.  The scene shows Noah as he walks through their camp watching the complete depravity of men.  He sees murder and rape and wickedness and is appalled at it.  The scene is a tough one to watch.  Then Noah sees himself, his own face and his own ability to sin.  And in that one moment he decides that God couldn’t possibly want any of humanity to survive.  Noah then spends his days finishing the ark and letting his family know that they will be the last people on earth.  He is so sure that God wants to rid the world of humans that he almost murders his own grandchildren.  Of course, none of this is what actually happened.  It’s not the real history of the flood and Noah’s life but this part of the movie definitely dealt with a huge issue in our world today.  That issue is the value of human life.

In the movie, Noah decided that human life wasn’t worth the risk.  He used the excuse that God was only saving him and his family so that they could take care of the animals.  As if the same God that created the world, the same God that brought all the animals to the arc, the same God that flooded the earth couldn’t care for the animals without Noah.   I wonder how many times throughout history we have done this.  How many times have we decided that human life wasn’t worth it?  How often have we decided to sit and judge what life was worthy to continue and what life wasn’t?

But God didn’t need Noah to feed and clean up after those animals.  God chose Noah to do it.  He chooses us over and over.  He chose Adam and Eve to be the first humans. And even when they sinned He still chose them to continue the human bloodline.  He chose Seth, and Noah, and Abraham.  He chose Joseph and Jacob and Moses.  He chose David and He chose Mary.

He could have parted the sea without Moses.  Instead He wanted Moses to know how much he is valued.  He wanted Moses to grasp the importance of obedience.  He could have killed Goliath with the flick of his finger, but He wanted David to know that there is power in his faith.

And yes, He can wipe all sin from this earth with one breath.  He could end the human race and with it He can end poverty and disease, disaster, destruction, depravity and hate.  He could start over with a different animal or not start over at all.  He is God and He is sovereign and He can do with us and our world what He chooses.  And according to the Bible, He chooses us.  He chooses to always save a remnant from the human race.  Instead of wiping us out, He chose to take our place.  Instead of giving up on us, He shed blood for us.  Instead of killing us off, He saved us.

There is nothing in this world that can even come close to that kind of value.  There is nothing in your life…not your job or your title or anything that makes you as valuable and as important as God does.

So let’s live like it.  Let’s live like we matter.  Let’s act like people valued by their God.  Stand tall, walk your walk, do your work, answer your call, use your gifts, sow good seed, and harvest the fruit.  And never forget…He chose you.